Art - Makers Space

Developed and facilitated by A8’s Art Therapist, Makers Space explores various creative and visual communication mediums and techniques in a nurturing and supportive small group environment (maximum four members), or individual 1-on-1 session.

Some of the endless benefits of creative expression and participating in weekly art classes includes:

  • Encourage children to access their creativity

  • Facilitate the exploration of feelings

  • Expand their current repertoire of ideas to develop self-directed activity at home

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Increase self-esteem and confidence

  • Encourage interaction and communication

  • Provide access to a range of materials and creative activities to stimulate visual, aural and kinaesthetic senses

  • Create a safe environment for self-exploration and expression

  • Develop decision-making, problem-solving and fine-motor skills in a relaxed environment

When: Saturday 12pm, 1pm & 2pm

Where: A8 Hub Level 1, 34 Sherwood Road Toowong

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Natalie Lynch

Dip T, B Ed, HH Dip (A.Th.)

Art Therapist

After 30 years of teaching Art in both State and Independent Schools, Natalie is as passionate as ever about helping young people discover the endless possibilities and hours of enjoyment that can come from some basic materials and equipment when mixed with a lot of imagination.