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Active Eight is proud to be a ASDAN registered provider, which means we are able to offer programs and qualifications that support the development of skills required for learning, employment, and overall life.

ASDAN is focused on engaging, motivating, and rewarding learning through providing a range of learning approaches and contexts. ASDAN is currently only in a few special schools in Brisbane, but through Active Eight participants are able to access the curriculum and develop their skills with support at their own personal growth rate.

Active Eight program

Each term Active Eight will be running a new ASDAN program, that can be delivered in a group setting. Please contact us directly if you would like to commence 1-on-1 sessions to start a program.

Where Active Eight and ASDAN meet

Active Eight and ASDAN both celebrate the diversity of multi-talented young people, and are dedicated to rewarding learners success in a range of skills and contexts. 

ASDAN's educational values:

  1. Providing opportunities for all to achieve

  2. Promoting personal and social development

  3. Celebrating success

  4. Promoting assessment for learning

  5. Supporting personalised learning

Courses we currently offer:

  • Preparing for Adulthood programmes - created for learners across a spectrum of learning difficulties, these programs offer personal, independent, social, IT and work-related skill development within real life contexts. Participants will be awarded certificates for their dedication and achievements! 

  • Components of Short courses may be incorporated into our existing Active Eight programs, you can check out the wide range here.

If you are interested in completing a short course, please contact us directly.