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Having worked with hundreds of children, adolescents and young people as a ballet teacher, occupational therapist and Tippy Toe Co. head teacher, Shannon (Active Eight's Occupational Therapist) is passionate about enabling her students to thrive socially, emotionally and physically.

Building upon the Tippy Toe Co. methodology, Shannon has developed TheraDance, a one-on-one program to enable students who would benefit from additional behavioural, sensory, social and emotional support. TheraDance compliments Tippy Toe Co.’s inclusive group classes with many of the activities and therapy tools working towards students being able to excel and thrive in a social group environment.  

What is TheraDance?

TheraDance method blends the best of therapy and dance by bringing together behaviour regulation, sensory processing, anxiety and stress-reducing techniques, with the physically and spirituality of dance, in particular ballet.

How much is TheraDance?

TheraDance is more than an occupational therapy session or a dance lesson, by bringing both components together the outcomes for students are enhanced and are able to be more effectively measured. The TheraDance program comes with a personalised goal-oriented journey plan and outcomes reporting framework, and tailored resources for students to utilise in everyday life—whether in school, home or out in the community the transferable nature of TheraDance is endless.

TheraDance is by appointment only and costs $120 for a 45min session.