Drama - Inside Out

Inside Out offers a space for members to explore their theatrical ability, developing skills in imagination and creation as well as enhancing their love of theatre and the arts. Each session is designed to build self-confidence and communication skills through a range of energetic and enjoyable activities. To apply an underlying context to all classes, each term at Inside Out focuses on a new story or theme, with Term 1 looking at The Story of Peter Pan. Additionally, each member is given an Inside Out scrapbook that they must try and remember to bring to each session. This is where we keep our stories, character descriptions, scripts and staging diagrams that we use throughout the year. At the end of each term, we invite family and friends to join us for a short performance, which will be a mixture of exercises and games we’ve created and devised together over the 10-week program.

Inside Out is perfect for…

Everyone! At Inside Out, we welcome all abilities and ages between 5 – 25 years to join us every Wednesday; from those who want to push beyond their creative boundaries to those that would like to make new friends that share a love of theatre!

What to Expect…

Each session follows a similar lesson plan that includes both movement and vocal warm-ups, drama games, character exploration and improvisational exercises. Be prepared to move like you’ve never moved before and use your voice in ways you never knew you could!