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Occupational Therapy

Active Eight is proud to have a full time Occupational Therapist who helps to develop, implement and support all programs, as well the individual needs of our members. At Active Eight we are focused on promoting health and well being, and supporting participation in activities of everyday life through creating an inclusive community.  

We are dedicated to providing flexible services that meet the needs of your family. Occupational Therapy services are provided through individual or peer based programs at our Toowong Studio. We can also support the development and implementation of home and school programs to ensure continuity of goals and strategies in all contexts. At Active Eight we work with children   from 3yrs through school aged years.

A holistic approach

We are passionate about providing a holistic approach to therapy and services, meaning not only working with children, but with their families and support networks. This allows us to adapt to the individual needs and goals of each member.

A focus on fun

We take pride in helping children work through challenges, whilst harnessing their strengths to ensure our Active Eight members feel confident and successful in everything they can and want to do. Our service is passionate about making therapy, and extra curricular programs interesting, meaningful, and most importantly fun!

The process

Step 1:

We are passionate about providing a service that meets the needs of your child, through providing therapy in a range of contexts. Before commencing sessions, please contact our team so you can complete the enrolment booklet, which helps our therapist to have a better understanding of how we can support you and your child.

Step 2:

Following this introduction, either a Clinical Assessment or Active Eight Assessment may be recommended. This assessment is a collaborative process involving the child and all members of their support network.

Following an assessment a detailed report is provided with strategies, and, through a collaborative process with carers/support team, individual goals are written for the child/adolescent, which provides a structured plan for intervention.

Step 3:

The intervention plan is frequently reviewed to ensure strategies and goals are suitable for your child’s current needs, ability, interests and goals. Intervention involves supporting the development of new skills, and identifying new ways of completing tasks to achieve success.  

We are focused on working closely with parents, teachers and other members in the support network to ensure that goals and strategies are relevant and of priority. We ensure therapy incorporates areas of interest and activities that are meaningful, to create a fun and supportive environment. Our goal is for everyone to leave therapy feeling confident, empowered and positive. 

We address needs around the following areas:

  • Social and emotional development

  • Self regulation

  • Social skills

  • Sensory processing

  • Participation in activities

  • Executive functioning difficulties

  • Fine motor skills

  • Gross motor skills

  • Handwriting

  • Behaviour management

  • Identification of triggers and support to manage these e.g. transitions

  • Visual perception and visual motor integration

  • Activities for daily living e.g. self care (toileting, dressing, bathing etc)

  • Eating e.g. food preferences

  • Preparation for transitioning to school


Shannon Lovell

BOccThy UQ

Occupational Therapist, Dance Therapist

Manager, Therapeutic Programs

Shannon’s dream and passion has always been to work with children. She loves being an OT as it allows her to not only work with children but also with families. Shannon is committed and passionate about helping children work through challenges, and harnessing their strengths and helping them to feel confident and successful in everything they do. 

Shannon is able to work in many different contexts and has many different skills, which encourages a holistic approach to therapy. She is passionate about working closely with the family to collaborate on goals, and how best to target any concerns they may have. Shannon strongly believes in incorporating topics and things of interest for the child to ensure activities are meaningful and engaging. Shannon is committed to helping every child to achieve their full potential.

Assessment and Report

An initial Clinical Assessment or Active Eight Assessment is a collaborative process that outlines your child's needs, strengths and supports the development of a program that is best suited to them.

Individual intervention

Intervention involves working closely with you and your child, towards specific goals by harnessing their unique strengths and interests. 

Small Group

Small group intervention sessions focus on working towards similar goals e.g. development of social skills, in a fun and dynamic way.  


Progress updates and Consultations

Consultation with teachers or other relevant team members. This includes progress letters and reports for families or other stakeholders. 

Extra-curricular Program Support

Support to participate in group/extracurricular programs offered by Active Eight.

ASDAN Support

Support the implementation and completion of ASDAN qualification.