The Fine Print…

Purpose of Service Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to document a personalised and self-directed support arrangement between the service provider, here forth referred to as A8 or “Us”, and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participant identified in section 1, here forth referred to as the A8 Member or “You”. The agreement has been created with the understanding that A8 works with you to provide the flexibility and authority needed to determine your chosen supports to enable you to achieve your aspirations and goals as outlined in your NDIS plan.  

Objectives of Service Agreement

  • Provide a clear reference of the roles and responsibilities of both parties.

  • Present a clear, concise and measurable description of the service provision to you as the A8 member.

How does this Agreement fit in with the NDIS?

This agreement is made in accordance with the rules and the goals of the NDIS is made for the purpose of providing supports under your NDIS plan.

The parties agree that this service agreement is made in the context of the NDIS, which is a scheme that aims to:

  • Support the independence and social and economic participation of people with disability, and

  • Enable people with a disability to exercise choice and control in the pursuit of their goals and the planning and delivery of their supports.

What supports will be provided?

A Schedule of Supports will be provided following an initial consultation with A8. The schedule is flexible in nature and can be adjusted in consultation with A8 throughout the agreement – it should be viewed as a planning tool to assist in budgeting, forecasting service bookings and managing expectations of both parties. A8 reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel any supports listed in the schedule if A8 is no longer in a position to adequately provide these supports or there has been a break to A8’s Code of Conduct or other policies. Furthermore, variations to the schedule may be negotiated depending on your choice and needs and the availability for A8 to deliver the services and supports requested.

Service Fees

The Schedule of Supports contains the cost proposal for services decided in consultation with you and/or your representative. These costs are current at the time of the agreement signing and may be adjusted due to variations in the NDIS Price Guide. A8 also reserves the right to adjust service and program fees during the agreement, ensuring that sufficient notice is provided to members before fees are adjusted or invoicing occurs.

What is expected of the A8 Member and Representative?

A8 Members and Representatives (parents/guardians, carers, support workers) are expected to adhere to the following rights and responsibilities at all times during this service agreement and when receiving services:

  • Be actively involved in the development of this services plan.

  • Ensure the costs of supports arising from this services agreement must be able to be

    met within the funding available in your approved NDIS plan.

  • Ensure all invoices are paid promptly and in full.

  • Immediately notify A8 (in person, in writing, or over the phone) if your NDIS plan is replaced by a new plan or you stop being a participant in the NDIS.

  • Keep A8 informed of any change in circumstances that will likely affect the delivery of services or impact this agreement such as, where you live, medication/medical treatments and procedures, behavioural changes likely to impact on the safe delivery of the services, guardianship and care arrangements.

  • Arrive at the designated service location on time to receive the service/s.

  • Treat all A8 staff, members and present parties with respect and abide by A8’s Code of Conduct, Hygiene, Privacy, and Cancellation Policy when attending service appointments or group sessions (these policies are available at reception). For our cancellation policy, see point nine below.

  • Participate in the annual services agreement review process.

What is expected of A8?

A8 and our representatives (whether employed or acting on behalf of A8) are expected to:

  • Arrive at the designated service location on time, prepared and ready to deliver the service/s.

  • Deliver the services or support outlined in the Schedule of Supports (Appendix 1). Any changes to the services listed in the schedule will require prior authorisation from all parties.

  • Treat you with dignity and respect at all times.

  • Notify you as soon as practically possible when a change has occurred to the time of

    an appointment or service.

  • Provide a safe and comfortable space for the delivery of the services and programs.

  • Treat your information as private and confidential, and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

  • Obey all NDIS, state and federal rules and laws that apply, including those relating to the provision of health services where a health treatment is being provided. This includes the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 and the National Disability Insurance Scheme Rules.

  • Provide invoices and statements for your supports.

  • Communicate openly, honestly and in a timely manner within A8’s business hours.

How to make changes to this agreement

Simply organise an appointment to meet with an A8 representative to discuss any changes you would like made to your Schedule of Supports.

Once updates to the Schedule of Supports have been made and both parties have signed and dated the revised version, the new schedule is simply attached to this agreement.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Group programs: our group programs and sessions are paid for at the beginning of the term (invoiced in week two) to ensure we are adequately insured and staffed to deliver the program throughout the term. We do not offer refunds for missed or cancelled group sessions, unless arrangements have been at the beginning of the term (usually planned absences for medical procedures, long travel periods, etc.).

Therapy and 1-on-1 services: If you make a short-notice cancellation, which is after 3pm the day before the service, A8 can charge your plan up to 90% of the agreed price for the cancelled appointment. For cancellations where you have provided notice of cancellation prior to 3pm the day before the scheduled service, A8 will not charge a cancellation fee.

Public Holidays: If your service or appointment falls on a public holiday, prior arrangements will be made to re-schedule your group program or 1-on-1 service.

How to end the Agreement


  • If you wish to exit or withdraw from this Services Agreement prior to the conclusion date, you are required to provide A8 with 4 weeks prior written notice.

  • Where 4 weeks’ notice is not possible, early termination fees and charges may apply.


  • A8 will provide a minimum of 2 weeks written notice if we can no longer meet your needs or sustainably deliver the agreed upon supports and have no option but to withdraw from this agreement.

  • A8 will do everything we can to support you in finding another provider who is better suited to deliver supports to meet your goals and aspirations.

Consent to Therapy

Your informed consent is required for all services provided by Active Eight (A8). Consent needs to be provided by a parent or legal guardian prior to your child accessing treatment, assessments, interventions and programs.  

You may withdraw your consent for any specific intervention or program at any time, and the specific intervention will cease immediately.

Allied health management and A8 programs are typically effective and safe, however like any treatment or extra-curricular activity there are benefits and risks. The allied health professional, program facilitator or volunteer working with you and your child will discuss any foreseeable risks prior to administering any treatment or undertaking the program. Overall, risks do not exceed those that a child is exposed to in a typical day.

A8 staff and representatives may ask personal questions relating to your child’s development. The more information you provide, the more likely it is that A8 can provide effective treatment. However, it is your choice as to what information you choose to provide.

During the initial consultation, examination, or trial class it will be necessary for the A8 staff member or representative to make physical contact with your child for the purpose of assessing, treating or generally supporting your child. Consent will be achieved through the above form, with implied consent assumed there afterwards.

The risk related to some interventions and programs can increase when the A8 team is not aware of certain facts. Please inform our staff if your child has any of the following:

  • Heart condition impacting engagement in physical activity

  • Seizures

  • Severe respiratory conditions e.g. asthma

  • Severe allergies  

  • Severe phobias

By agreeing to receive services at Active Eight (A8) you further acknowledge the following:

  • Assessment and screening may be undertaken and any records taken will be kept in confidential client file in accordance with the relevant privacy laws;

  • Video, photo, written records and work samples may be taken, and if taken will be kept in a confidential client file in accordance with the relevant privacy laws;

  • With prior permission and consent, relevant stakeholders may be contacted to discuss your child’s development with the aim to gather further information and understanding of your child’s presentation

With prior permission and consent, your child’s assessment and/or therapy outcomes will be discussed with relevant stakeholders with the aim to support your child’s development across their natural environments.

What to do if there is a problem?

A8 recognises that you have a right to provide feedback, lodge complaints, raise suggestions, resolve grievances and commend good performance.

We kindly ask that if you would like to take any of the aforementioned actions, to please contact A8’s CEO directly or make an in-person appointment: Zachary Fook (CEO), (07) 3371 0970,

If you feel as though your issue or complaint has not been adequately dealt with you can take further action by contacting the National Disability Insurance Agency by calling 1800 800 110, visiting one of their offices in person, or visiting

Goods and Services Tax

Under the NDIS, GST will not apply to most services. If GST is applicable to your service, it will be detailed in the agreement and Schedule of Supports.