Dance / tippy toe co.

Founded in 2013, Tippy Toe Co. is Australia's premiere dance and movement program for children, adolecents and young people with additional needs. TTC has taught over 175 students to date, employs 20 specially trained teaching staff, and offers professional development workshops to dance instructors from accross Australia. TTC currently offers the following dance genres and programs:

  • Ballet: focusing on gross-motor skills, balance, posture and grace. 

  • Tap: a sensory based dance style with focus on linking musicality and music. 

  • Jazz:

  • Hip Hop: Current pop music and powerful body movements. Up beat and lots of fun!

  • TheraDance: Building upon the Tippy Toe Co. methodology, head Tippy Toe teacher and Occupational Therapist, Shannon, has developed TheraDance, a one-on-one program to enable students who would benefit from additional behavioural, sensory, social and emotional support. TheraDance compliments Tippy Toe Co.’s inclusive group classes with many of the activities and therapy tools working towards students being able to excel and thrive in a social group environment... Learn more

What to expect...

Tippy Toe Co. is perfect for boys and girls (3-25 years old )who love to dance! Our classes encourage motor-active skills, stamina, concentration, musical awareness, flexibility, expression, coordination and creativity. A carefully constructed syllabus that is regularly fine-tuned to fit individual and class requirements. Classes incorporate engaging equipment & music to continuously challenge students.