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Beats & Drums

Children and adolescents on the autism spectrum have a high prevalence to anxiety, often exhibiting challenging behaviors when it comes to social interactions with their peers. The power of music is enticing to children. Music calls them to interact with it, to reach out and play an instrument, to sing and to dance, even though at times, interactions may be difficult, they are never the less drawn to it. Children on the autism spectrum fundamentally share similar interests in music to neurotypical developing children, with one advantage; many children children on the autism spectrum have a higher level of affinity with music than their neurotypical peers enabling them to engage at a far deeper and meaningful level in social and non-social levels

  • One on One theraputic Drumming and Percussion

  • Group Drumming and Social Skills for all ages

  • Drum Circle facilitation & Group Drumming at special events

  • Group Drumming at Schools

  • Group Drumming for corporate team building

When: Thursday 3.45pm & 4.45pm

Where: A8 Studio, Ground Floor 80 Jephson Street Toowong


Bill Schneider

Drum Leader & ASD Counsellor

Bill Schneider graduated from Christian Heritage College in 2016 with his Bachellor of Social Science (Counselling) degree. His passion for counselling arose from witnessing the struggles many people were facing in small comunities in the remote ares of Queensland Australia. For the past six years Bill has been working as a Special School Chaplain bringing his passions for Social Skills and Drumming to young people with varying disabilities. Bill has recently completed his Masters degree in Autism studies at Griffith University and is presently undertaking research in the field of rehabillitation.


Masters degree in Autism

Bachellors degree in Social Science (Counselling)