How we Active Eight.


Our dream is to create a world leading experience right here in Brisbane for young people with disabilities to activate and achieve their full social, emotional and physical potential.

Rewind to 2013 and our first ballet class for five children from Red Hill Special School. At the time the simple idea was to make ballet accessible to all young people regardless of their ability. Having no allied health staff on board back then, we were overwhelmed by the pre-enrolment responses which listed many medical complexities, rare diagnosis’ and a range of differing sensory needs. However, all the responses had one common theme. Inclusion. Inclusion is defined as the action or state of including or being included within a group or structure.

Fast forward to present day. Active Eight has worked with hundreds and hundreds of members to co-create many inclusive experiences spanning therapy, extra-curricular and pathway programs.

Simply put, the structure of Active Eight is one that morphs to the goals and aspirations of our members.

Our programs will continue to evolve but our core theme of inclusion remains timeless.

Although we are a charity and a service provider, we are also innovative, young and doing things differently.

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