Paediatric & Adolescent Psychology

At Active Eight, our Paediatric and Adolescent Psychologist provides personalised support for young people experiencing anxiety, depression, emotional and behavioural management issues.

There are various reasons to engage the services of a psychologist and sometimes therapy can be a brief session or two and sometimes it requires multiple sessions over many months.

A8 specialises in the following interventions:

  • Anxiety management

  • Building resilience

  • Counselling

  • Positive behaviour support

  • Parent education

  • Educational planning and support

  • Coping with loss and trauma

  • Mealtime strategies

  • Anger management

  • Sleep routines

  • Depression

  • Social skills building


Luke Grayndler



Luke is a registered psychologist who graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) in 2007. He has 10 years experience working with children, adolescents and their families. Luke has a focus in developmental disorders. He believes in drawing upon the strengths and positives of each individual. Luke has a background in connecting with schools in the inner western suburbs of Brisbane to facilitate intervention.

Luke’s goal is to empower families and individuals to understand key psychological principles including anxiety and avoidance. He aims to help families and schools understand the cause of issues and proactively manage their intervention across the lifespan.

Luke is trained in School Wide Positive Behaviour Support practices, Triple P: Stepping Stones and Team Teach strategies. He focuses on understanding behaviour issues to understand avoidance and other barriers to build goals and resilience. He assists to explicitly teach expectations and strategies at the child’s level and works to celebrate successful and meaningful change with each individual.

Luke has had success working with children, teenagers and adults to provide social skills training, anxiety and anger management, grief counselling, goal setting and behaviour change. Luke has spoken publicly with schools and community groups to assist in educating adults about the challenges children with developmental disorders can face and how to best support them.

Assessment and Report

An initial Clinical Assessment or Active Eight Assessment is a collaborative process that outlines your child's needs, strengths and supports the development of a program that is best suited to them.

Individual intervention

Intervention involves working closely with you and your child, towards specific goals by harnessing their unique strengths and interests. 

Progress updates and Consultations

Consultation with teachers or other relevant team members. This includes progress letters and reports for families or other stakeholders.