Consent to Therapy - The Fine Print

Your informed consent is required for all services provided by Active Eight (A8). Consent needs to be provided by a parent or legal guardian prior to your child accessing treatment, assessments, interventions and programs.  

You may withdraw your consent for any specific intervention or program at any time, and the specific intervention will cease immediately.

Allied health management and A8 programs are typically effective and safe, however like any treatment or extra-curricular activity there are benefits and risks. The allied health professional, program facilitator or volunteer working with you and your child will discuss any foreseeable risks prior to administering any treatment or undertaking the program. Overall, risks do not exceed those that a child is exposed to in a typical day.

A8 staff and representatives may ask personal questions relating to your child’s development. The more information you provide, the more likely it is that A8 can provide effective treatment. However, it is your choice as to what information you choose to provide.

During the initial consultation, examination, or trial class it will be necessary for the A8 staff member or representative to make physical contact with your child for the purpose of assessing, treating or generally supporting your child. Consent will be achieved through your written and signed consent below, with implied consent assumed there afterwards.

The risk related to some interventions and programs can increase when the A8 team is not aware of certain facts. Please inform our staff if your child has any of the following:

  • Heart condition impacting engagement in physical activity

  • Seizures

  • Severe respiratory conditions e.g. asthma

  • Severe allergies  

  • Severe phobias

By agreeing to receive services at Active Eight (A8) you further acknowledge the following:

  • Assessment and screening may be undertaken and any records taken will be kept in confidential client file in accordance with the relevant privacy laws;

  • Video, photo, written records and work samples may be taken, and if taken will be kept in a confidential client file in accordance with the relevant privacy laws;

  • With prior permission and consent, relevant stakeholders may be contacted to discuss your child’s development with the aim to gather further information and understanding of your child’s presentation

With prior permission and consent, your child’s assessment and/or therapy outcomes will be discussed with relevant stakeholders with the aim to support your child’s development across their natural environments.