Yogacise is facilitated by A8's Yoga Therapist Michelle McLeod, who has over 20 years experience teaching yoga to children and adolescents with additional needs.

This program is designed to stimulate A8 members mentally, physically and socially in a fun and supportive environment! Sessions focus on mobility, strength, relaxation, breathing and returning to a calm state when overwhelmed.

Flexible Class Structures

We offer the following class structures to ensure your child receives the support and environment they need:

  • 1:1 Private Yoga Therapy - by appointment ($120 / 45 minutes). Where possible we encourage families to request a 1:2 class to foster a more social environment.

  • 1:2 We pair two students of similar ability level - by appointment/EOI ($75 / 45 minutes).

  • Group Class (up to 6 students) - see timetable for current class times ($30 / 45 minute class).

Yogacise is perfect for... 

Everyone! Members aged 3 - 25 years and parents who want to work on mobility, strength, teamwork and learning how to calm their bodies through movement. 

What you can expect...

Each session will explore strength based exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques and interactive yoga.